Circle 6 Farm & Ranch
Contact: Leonard Horak
Address: 14453 Taylor Grade Rd. Duette, FL, 34219
Email Address:
Phone: 813-493-7921
About Us
Circle 6 Farm & Ranch is owned by Leonard and Arlene Horak. We are located in Duette Florida. For over 35 years we have grown beef cattle the natural way on our ranch in Manatee County. For the last four years we have been offering pastured whole chicken and eggs, chicken and duck. We are proud of our Farm fresh products.
Our egg laying chickens and ducks are pastured and roam freely throughout the day. At night we offer some of our birds a Non GMO layer pellet and the others are given a natural layer pellet to encourage them to return to the coops or new chicken tractors for roosting. Half of our laying chickens are housed in coops and the other half are housed in large chicken tractors - a large mobile coop that we move to different parts of the field weekly. As we move our tractors they are fertilizing our pastures the natural way. Soon, all our chickens will be in large movable chicken tractors and delight in their new home.

Our meat chickens live in their tractors all day for protection and meat quality. They get plenty of bugs as we move them through the fields. They have plenty of space, air and green grass to eat.