Mammoth Foods
Address: 911 E SAINT CLAIR ST TAMPA, FL, 33605
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Phone: 813-475-2069
About Us
Mammoth Foods is located in Tampa, Fl. Amanda Dwyer, the owner and producer works from a Certified Commissary Kitchen called ProKitchen Hub Tampa. There she uses her 17 years of culinary knowledge and experience to create our artisanal small batch Hummus and Crackers.
Every batch of our hummus is started from scratch. Our dried beans are soaked for 24 hours and then cooked with local aromatics and vegetables until tender and flavorful. After, our hummus is blended in small batches without the use of GMO foods, preservatives, artificial flavors, added sugars or colors. We do not use weird blended oils and always use the full flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our Herb baked Crackers are made with the same amount of love and care and without all the nasty stuff.

We believe food should be food. If we can make it instead of buying it, we do. Our infused oils, spice mixtures and toppings are made in house. We strive to incorporate locally sourced goods into our products as mush as possible. We are chef inspired and love to experiment with different seasonal flavors. 45 flavors and counting we will always have something for you!