Casa Truffle
Contact: Fidel and Teresa Gamboa
Address: 2820 13th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704
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Phone: 727-656-7726
About Us
The history of Casa Truffle begins from our Grandfather who used to be a Truffle hunter in Alba, Italy.

From so much abundance of fresh truffles at the time, he decided to “preserve” some of the fresh truffles by making some products and infusions with olive oil, in this way his home was called by friends and family "Casa del Tarfufo" or Casa Truffle.

Many years later Fidel met his Italian Princess Teresa while studying Opera in Alba. They married and have two handsome sons.

Nowadays Casa Truffle is present at the Saturday Morning Market with exclusive artisanal products representing family and town tradition.

Our truffles are handpicked in the forests of Alba, Italy. The hunters are friends and family farmers from my wife Teresa's native town. We have hunted and provided a wonderful selection of white and black truffles for seasonal sales, as well as, other amazing truffle products year-round.
Our truffles are handpicked with the help of a trained "truffle dog" named Bill and are found in their environment where man's power can't control growth or harvest.
Bad practices such as the use of pesticides will only harm the truffle's natural growth. Truffles are typically found near trees with nuts. A fun fact Alba is the birthplace of Nutella.

Alba is a small town in the Piedmont area of northern Italy, in the province of Cuneo. Considered the capital of this hilly area of Langhe, and famous for its white truffle, quality wines, and the Ferrero Chocolate Company based in Alba.

No trip to Alba is complete without a dinner including Truffles and sipping some of amazing Barolo - the king of the Italian wines.