Step by Step Nursery
Address: 1218 49th Ave. N St. Petersburg, FL, 33703
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Phone: 727-564-3513
About Us
Step by Step Nursery is a 'backyard' farm specializing in dwarf bananas, passion-fruit, cane sugar and a variety of Florida native plants and flowers. This mini-farm provides us not only with an abundance of food and peacefulness, but also with the chance to share knowledge and what we grow with others.
The farm utilizes efficiently the limited space it has to grow all this food and ornamental plants, and you probably will recognize it when you see the abundance of bees, butterflies, birds and other wildlife who find it to be a special habitat.
Would love to give a tour of our special garden!
Everything in the farm is grown and maintained with organic methods. When it comes to soil production, the farm is 100% independent, using our own kitchen scraps, yard waste and city mulch, and generating nutrient rich compost. Though we do use materials that come from other places (fruit and veggie scraps from neighbors and city mulch), the nursery is quite a closed loop system where all materials are generated by our rich soil and eventually break down and become soil again.
We use no pesticides or herbicides. Occasionally, we use neem to repel harmful insects, mostly for the nursery young plants. When it comes to weed control, we use the most natural and efficient mulch available to us - our oak's tons of leaves.