Joy of Garlic
Address: 2203 Bay Blvd #1 Indian Rocks Beach, FL, 33785
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Phone: 727-667-4011
About Us
The all-natural versatility and unique flavor of Joy's Gourmet products have created a loyal following. Made with raw blended ingredients, Garlic Joy is vegetarian, vegan, and free of preservatives, dairy, cholesterol, trans-fats and sugar!

While there are numerous known health benefits, they are outmatched by Joy's Gourmet remarkable taste. Our Pasta Sauces and Salsas have less than 70mg of sodium, and NO sugar added. Our Mediterranean specialties are like no others in flavor and purity. If you like olives, you will love our Olive Salad and Olive Tapenade.

Our Garlic Joy Spreads can be used to spice up any recipe, from seasoning meats, stews and vegetables to spreading on sandwiches, wraps and breads. Our products pack the delicious and nutritious benefits of pure fresh garlic – more than 20 bulbs per jar in a creamy spread that dissolves easily and tastes great! Joy's Gourmet is always developing new products since and will continue to introduce new healthy creations from the same Mediterranean region.