Prevatt Farm
Address: P.O. Box 5611 Sun City Center, FL, 33571
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Phone: 813-633-9616
About Us
Both of Brad Prevatt's grandfathers were berry growers at a time when the schools in Wimauma were "Berry Schools" - the schools had vacations during berry season so the children wouldn't miss school to pick with their families. Brad became a berry farmer in 1977. Brad, his wife April, and daughter Kailani are part of a family with many generations long history of farming in Florida.
Prevatt Farm is located in east Wimauma. When asked if his strawberries are organic he says my daughter eats these berries; or do you know how much that spray costs? He is cautious in his use of spray, when needed, so that when people are in the fields picking, or any one is eating his strawberries, blueberries, or tomatoes, won't get any residue from the spray. This is the beauty of a small family farm. When you eat his produce you won't get pesticides along with the great taste. His family all eat this food too!

He knows his varietals and has chosen seasonal - early and late berries - that taste like berries should. He will have tomatoes in season as well as his berries. He also grows a colorful assortment of unsprayed flowers that are safe in your home.