Azteca Rojo
Address: 7708 Tanglewood Ln Tampa, FL, 33615
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Phone: 813-970-9394
About Us
Rocio Mendez is from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She started cooking at nine - taught by her chef mother. She credits her very rich flavored recipes to her mom with a tear in her eye. She named her business Azteca to reflect all that she is - her culture, her customs, her roots, and her land. She added Rojo, which is red in Spanish, because most of her food reflects the color in her chilis, tomatoes, and sauces. Due to the current circumstances she is offering tamales frozen to take home and carefully cook by steaming them. Bring a steamer to a slow boil, add the frozen tamales still in the husk, and cook for about 20 minutes. Peel the husk, add a bit of salsa and enjoy! Hay muy sabroso!

She came to Florida in 2009, and joined the Saturday Morning Market in 2014. She is all about sharing her authentic Mexican heritage flavors in the Bay area.
She is fulfilling her dream of sharing her authentic recipes cooked with care, always choosing the freshest vegetables and meats to prepare her delicious tamales.