Glenn Family Bakery
Address: 1979 Northgate Blvd Sarasota, FL, 34241
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Phone: 941-275-6247
About Us
Glenn Family Bakery, bakers and owners John and Lisa Glenn, and their two sons Paul and Ian, have been in the bakery business for 25 years. Truly an old fashioned family bakery. John is a classically trained french pastry chef and Lisa has been a professional baker for over 25 years. Son Paul is their lead baker and salesman and son Ian joined the mix two years ago to expand their business. Glenn Family Bakery is award winning and published!!
Glenn Family Bakery prides themselves in being true "from scratch" bakers using only the highest quality, all natural ingredients available. We hand knead and hand form all our bread including sprouting all our own grains and seeds. No preservatives or additives in any of our products but we do mix with a lot of LOVE!

We have a bread customer at one of the Farmers Markets that had been asking Chef John “the master bread maker” to make a sprouted grain bread. John tried a lot of different recipes all using sprouted grain flour. This is grain that has been sprouted and dehydrated then ground into flour. While this flour is good it always produced a drier bread and also didn’t retain the shelf life or quality we were looking for. Being who John is (a bit of a perfectionist) he did A LOT of research. Using tried and true recipes he had developed over the years he started sprouting grains and legumes and at just the right time in the sprouting process grinds it into paste instead of dehydrating into flour, blending the two worlds together. ( See sprouted bread benefits for more info). John uses organic grains, legumes and flour in his sprouted breads and continues to developed more recipes and expand the bread line. Needless to say our bread customer loves the bread and now has bread for life!!