AquaLuna Organic Herbal Tea & Tinctures
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About Us
Locally Grown Herbal Organic Tea

Our family homeopathic recipes have been cultivated & shared for 5 generations with a focus on natural wellness blends
Happy ~ Healthy ~ Holistic

Natural Organic Wellness
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Our mission is to provide our community with holistic herbal tea options.
Across many continents tea is considered the key to good health, happiness, and wisdom.
Our product is locally grown and harvested holistic herbal teas. Our private gardens are located in Treasure Island & Sarasota Florida. Our tea, herbs, and flowers are locally and organically grown, harvested in small batches, dried and then custom blended.

Our growing program consists of a combination of items in planters and some in the ground.
Rich potting soil is used with only natural compost or manure, chemicals are never used.

StarWest Botanicals also provides us with some certified organic herbs, they utilize not only their in-house laboratory, but also independent labs and consultants to guarantee quality standards. Quality testing includes organoleptic analysis for aroma, color, flavor and texture. Physical testing involves moisture, volatile oil content, heavy metals, microbiology, thin layer chromatography, and other tests specific to each herb.

Unique Custom Blends
Limited seasonal special blends
We offer personalized medicinal blends with special order

Healthy Focus
We blend essential ingredients to help support the immune system and our everyday well-being. When the body receives the nutrients it needs, it’s able to take care for the immune system and maintain overall health.
Studies have found that some teas/tisanes promote anti-cancer agents, reduce heart disease and diabetes, encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol, reduce hypertension and bring about mental alertness.
We trade seeds and herbs with other organic herbalists, and will obtain supplemental items from a local licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine for the items we are unable to grow or harvest.

Homemade & Hand Crafted
Harvest small batches that are local and organic
We harvest most plants for their leaves this is best just before the plant starts to flower. When harvesting flower buds, we harvest when the buds fatten up, but before flowers open. The essential oil components of most herbs are highest in the morning. Ideally, we cut the herb after any nighttime moisture has dried, but before the day heats up.

Gently Dry
To preserve the best flavor and aroma, we dry our tea herbs very gently as whole leaves right on the stem. We tie several stems of cut herbs together into a bundle, then hang the bundle upside down someplace shaded until the herbs are shatteringly crisp.