Gulf Coast Sourdough
Address: 5214 N. Nebraska Ave TAMPA, FL, 33603
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Phone: 813-563-7687
About Us
Gulf Coast Sourdough is an artisan bakery making the most flavorful sandwich bread in America.

We combine old-fashioned techniques with modern tastes and sensibilities to produce loaves with flavor, texture, and character -- things decidedly absent from nearly all commercial baked goods.

Based in Tampa, a cradle of sandwich innovation, we craft unique, at times surprising flavors for loaves that will elevate America's sandwiches. After all, nearly 50% of Americans eat a sandwich every day -- we think it should be on good bread!
We use natural sourdough starter and unbleached, unbromated flours to make our products -- no artificial preservatives or instant yeast. From traditional tangy sourdough to cutting-edge flavor combinations like turmeric and black pepper to classic sweets like cinnamon swirl, our recipes pair well with dishes across the spectrum.