Knotty by Nature
Address: 6570 Emerson Avenue South St. Petersburg, FL, 33707
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Phone: 941-447-9574
About Us
My name is Lynn Goodwin and have been a resident of St. Petersburg since 1992 and have been turning wood since 2015. Most of my turned products are made from locally sourced trees that have fallen or been removed. The exception to that rule are the brightly colored wine stoppers and bottle openers that you see. This wood is called spectraply and it is birchwood from Maine that is dyed and then pressed together to create a block which is then turned into the items that you see on my page. All items are treated with either mineral oil and bees wax or olive oil (cutting boards).

The actual charcuterie and cutting boards are not personally made by me, however the laser cut designs are all my own and done in my workshop here in St. Petersburg. Custom orders are available.