15th Street Farm
Address: 2519 Driftwood Rd St Petersburg, FL, 33705
Email Address:
Phone: 727-251-1879
About Us
The 15th Street farm located at 340 15thSt N has been in operation for 10 years. It was originally organized by a very committed group of volunteers. Over the years the land ownership has changed but the leadership of Emmanuel Roux has stayed the same.
We practice regenerative organic agriculture and focus on microbial soil health by feeding the soil microbiome with organic matter which in turn feeds the plants we grow. We promote life and biodiversity under and above ground by adding healthy compost tea we produce on-site. We very rarely use neem oil to control pests and maintain a very diversified selection of vegetables and plants. We NEVER use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and we invite you to check the farm at any time for full transparency. We grow flowers to attract pollinators and share the farm bounty with a few pests because we want to keep predators happy. A few wild bee hotels provide shelter for pollinators and predators.
Our worm farm provides us with microbial rich vermicompost used in potting soil and in the beds to minimize nematodes

We are gearing up to offer gardening as well as nutrition and cooking classes in the fall in our new event space which will host field to fork dinners and other community events
We welcome visitors. Group tours of the farm and can be arranged by contacting us.Farm tasting tours for a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 can be arranged upon request They last 45 mn to 1 hr and you will try about 30 known and discover exotic tastes and texture
We can offer a wide range of themes and adapt the tours to different audiences. Children are welcome and we can arrange special tours for them.
We sell produce on site and offer weekly baskets that are a great value for $ 18 or $ 25.00
The Farm uses, permaculture and organic regenerative agriculture methods as a basis for growing our produce. Permaculture and regenerative organic agriculture are methods that adds only natural organic matter amendments based on carbon rich material to feed the soil microbiome which in turn will feed the vegetables to feed us and ensure high quality nutrition.
Our guiding principle is:
Healthy soil, Healthy plants, Healthy community
We do everything we can to grow the most nutrient dense and fresh produce

The farm covers 1/2 an acre in the heart of downtown St Petersburg.
We grow over 40 different types of vegetables herbs flowers and fruit trees
We organize vegetable farm tasting tours and share cooking and use for each product tasted. To register for a group or private tour contact us preferably by email or by phone