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Welcome to No Bonez Fishspread!

About The Creator
My name is Alex and I am the creator and owner of No Bonez Fishspread. I am currently a student at a St. Petersburg college studying for my business management degree. I want to take this knowledge of business to apply to No Bonez Fishspread. I am an avid fisherman in this area being raised here and taught how to fish by my grandmother when I was 4 years old. I pursued this passion and it has become a big part of my life and business.

This venture of my fish spread started about 3 years ago when I was out fishing offshore in St. Pete and happened to catch my first Amberjack. Following this trip I was hosting a get together and wanted to make an appetizer for my friends and family. I wanted this appetizer to be unique and something that they would remember. I am a chef and being such I wanted to try something I hadn't before and created a few different batches of fish spread. I wasn't pleased with how any of them tasted and it reminded me of all the average, bland fish spreads I have ever tried.
Soon after I was back out fishing and caught another Amberjack and started to experiment. I experimented with many different types of brines, woods for smoking, smoker temperatures, blends of spices, herbs, wet ingredients, and a few secrets that I came up with during the process of perfecting this recipe. I strive for a product that stands about the rest with a broad flavor profile that starts out as a strong smokey flavor from the hours cooked in a smoker, to a hint of sweetness followed by spice that builds as you eat it. This isn't your typical fish spread either, consisting of more fish than anything else compared to others that use cream cheese to add weight and texture. The texture comes from the fish, actual pieces of fish other than ground up scrap. One taste and you'll be hooked on No Bonez!

I am Proud to be recognized as first place winner for King of The Beach's 10th annual Fish Spread tournament.
This product contains dairy
Gluten free
Supports local fisherman