Aurora's Fresh Produce
Contact: Aurora Zuniga
City: Naples, FL,
Email Address:
Phone: 239-692-2351
About Us
Our family business began in 2008, dew to the economy crash. tough time come to desperate measures, causing our parents to look for a new job. In the beginning, we dedicate ourselves, to only work on the weekends. Later as more opportunity came, it lead us to expand more making it a full time job. As a family we work together with the help of a few close friends. We are grateful to all those who support us. Were happy to do what we love, and that making the people happy.
Aurora's Fresh Produce is a family business.We dedicate ourselves to resale fresh Produce, locally grown in Plant City, and Immokalee. As well fruits and vegetables form other countries, or parts of other states from the US. Seasons in Florida is October through May, In Summer majority of our produce will be coming form Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.We will also be having a few local grown fruits.