Uhuru Pies
Address: 1245 18th Avenue South St Petersburg, FL, 33705
Email Address:
Phone: 888-519-4022
About Us
Since 1981, Uhuru Pies have been part of building an independent economy for African people.

Uhuru Foods & Pies is about putting the means to grow, produce and distribute fresh foods back in the hands of African people. Our vision is to control our own land, farms, baking, cooking and distribution.

Volunteers are welcome to bake with us at the St. Pete Uhuru House community commercial kitchen, and to help distribute Uhuru Pies to friends, family, co-workers, and your neighborhood coffee shop or restaurant.

Uhuru Foods & Pies is part of Black Star Industries, building commerce by and between African People worldwide. Uhuru Pies is #BakingForBlackPower!
Uhuru Pies are handcrafted and freshly baked with the finest, freshest natural ingredients like Granny Smith apples, Georgia pecans, Guittard chocolate, pure butter, pure vanilla, cut oats, and fresh, vibrant spices.

Our pie crusts are organic and transfat free. We have several vegan flavors. Some can be made gluten-free by special order.