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Phone: 863-445-0426
About Us
Ginger and Turmeric are growing rapidly in popularity for both culinary uses and medicinal benefits. We strive to offer our customers a source for ginger and turmeric roots that are locally grown and harvested fresh weekly (several varieties available Fall through Spring.)

We also personally hand-craft Ginger Turmeric Honey Bombs, Tinctures and Salve year-round!
We are a family business that began when we planted a piece of ginger to see if it would grow. It did and when we harvested the root it was so fresh and delicious. We started growing more until one day we decided to bring the surplus harvest to The Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg. The response was so positive that we found a supplier of organic rhizome stock in Hawaii and expanded to multiple varieties of ginger.

When our seed supplier once included a sample of turmeric, we decided to give it a chance. We now grow four varieties of edible turmeric (Indira Yellow, Hawaiian Red, White Mango and BKK.)

We have sought out new varieties and are now trialing a couple of new gingers. We will continue to strive to provide the freshest, pesticide free, locally-grown ginger roots and products available.