AMI Aquaponics LLC
Contact: Michael H. Smith
Address: 309 57th St Holmes Beach, FL, 34217
Email Address:
Phone: 941-504-1006
About Us
AMI Aquaponics, LLC is a home-based Microgreens business located on beautiful Anna Maria Island.
MicroGreen production area consists of approximately 240 sq ft of covered deck with Germination Chamber, 5-tiered weather-resistant shelving, and T-5 fluorescent Grow Lights. A separate pond is approximately 6,000 gallons and contains both Koi and Tilapia, which are fed only the highest quality organic feeds available. Their diet is supplemented with fresh greens on a daily basis. Organic seeds are purchased online and grown using both Aquaponic and Hydroponic methods. Some varieties such as Sunflower shoots, Cilantro, and Pea shoots are grown in soil, while all others are grown on hydroponic mats. Both soil and hydroponic mats are composted after use. From seed to harvest for most MicroGreen varieties takes approximately 12 days. Product can be delivered LIVE or cut & bagged.