Rock Creek Shrubs
Address: 3261 Rock Creek Dr Port Charlotte, FL,
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Phone: 302-530-1772
About Us
Rock Creek Shrubs began in Port Charlotte, Florida in 2018. It's owner, Julie Hadfield was working as a bartender/mixologist in Punta Gorda after moving to Florida. With a bit of wine education in her pocket and love of making and researching cocktails, Julie discovered shrubs. It began as a curiosity and soon took over her life. Rock Creek Shrubs started with one stand at the Punta Gorda Farmers Market in August of 2019. We now travel to six markets- from Sanibel Island to St Pete- and are renovating a new commercial space in Port Charlotte. And so it goes...
Rock Creek Shrubs creates an organic apple cider vinegar based concentrate used to make cocktails, interesting craft sodas or mocktails. These concoctions are called Shrubs. We use the cold press method to process the shrubs- in a nutshell, this means- they just sit and rest. Each small batch is made by hand and personally sampled before being declared worthy. Some batches are quite lazy and take up to six weeks to rest before going to bottle. Because the product is never heated, the integrity of the vinegar (protein and bacteria strands called 'the mother') remains. Drink healthier, my friends.

We also make simple syrups for cocktails and dehydrated fruit for garnish or snacking.
If you need some suggestions or ideas for your newly purchased shrub, please visit our website:
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