Pick Up Location has moved to the Stadium near First Street at the Stairs

See below for more instructions

Orders from Little Pond, Life Farm, Trailbale, or Worden 
are through their websites 

If you are a SNAP customer please call 727.439.2017 for details. Leave a message.

Pick up for Online Market, Trailbale, Life Farm, Little Pond Farm and Worden 

The Saturday Morning Market is now open in the Al Lang Stadium parking. Pick up for the Drive Thru and Online is pivoting to the eastern most lane heading north on First St S. We are asking cars to approach the pick up locations from the south to allow two way traffic on First St. The Police support us, but request that no customers get out of their cars. As has been done the vendors will bring your box or order. The farmers are all joining in this pick up line.

The first pick-up vendor is Life Farm with their tent and truck, the second is the Online Market with three tents, the third is Little Pond Farm’s truck and tents in the little handicapped parking lot, then Trailbale’s car and trailer in the Stadium Lane, and finally Worden is at the top of the row in back of the planters and behind the now empty bandstand.

Remember to speak loudly so the delivery staff can hear your name. Tell us if you have a cooler.

Unlatch/unlock your door or trunk - we will be crossing a bicycle path to put your food in.

Please be patient. Traffic should be better this time as Worden and Little Pond have extended their pick-up hours. 

SNAP customer? Take advantage of the Fresh Access Bucks program sponsored by Feeding Florida and USDA to really stretch your food dollar (Florida grown fruits and vegetables).

New the week of 11/22

  • Surinder's Kitchen's amazing chutney will be available to order!

Bring Your Bags (and Coolers)

We will repack your order into your  reusable bags! 

Just bring your bag with you to pick up and we'll pack it for you as we do our accuracy check. Don't have a bag? You can purchase one while placing the rest of your order. Just choose the "St Pete Saturday Morning Market" producer to view and purchase a bag.

We are also offering the purchase of paper bags. Starting July 18th customers will be required to have a reusable bag, or add a paper bag to their order for a nominal fee.


 Get double your SNAP dollars!


The St Pete Online Market is a weekly opportunity to buy high quality food and farm-fresh produce, while supporting your local artisan food vendors. 

To participate, you need to sign up. It's quick and easy!

  • Place your order between Noon Sunday and Noon Thursday each week. The available products are only visible during the weekly ordering window. 

  • Pick up your order at the west side of Al Lang Stadium along First St S between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Saturday.

  • You are not charged for your order immediately. We begin charging credit cards on the Friday before pick-up. If you have a discrepancy or problem, please let us know by 5:00 PM Saturday and we will credit your account.

  • If you forget to pick up your order you will be charged. If we are kind enough to track you down and deliver it - you will be charged an extra $10. 

  • Debit/Credit card users will be billed to the card on file. Please ensure your registered address is the one associated with your credit card. 

  • SNAP users Please register as a Customer Type EBTSNAP and stop at the SNAP/Red Tent to get tokens and incentives at pickup.

WE ACCEPT SNAP! Unlimited match through 

December 31st, for Florida Grown fruits and vegetables.


Are you a local farmer looking for an opportunity to reach out to our community? Register as a Producer and let us know what you are interested in selling through the Market.


Would you prefer to buy fresh healthy food from local farmers and food producers? Register as a CustomerJust want to stay informed about the Market? Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.