Evans Farm
Contact: Larry and Gladys Evans
Address: 19163 NW Hwy 329 Micanopy Micanopy, FL, 32667
Email Address:
Phone: 352-286-8935
Website: Baseball1029
About Us
Larry Evans, his wife Gladys, and son Dimitris are third and fourth generation farmers on land purchased over 100 years ago by Larry’s grandfather. Larry’s ancestors came through the port of Charleston, SC as slaves and later began sharecropping in South Carolina. When the time was right Larry’s grandfather moved to Flemington, FL outside Gainesville and purchased the family farm. Larry is the one who loved farming while his brothers chose different paths in ranching, trucking, and construction.
Growing Philosophy
Larry was taught by his grandfather and farms much the same way with a few modern exceptions. He and his family eat the food they grow and are careful in their production methods. He sprays only once and uses a water based insecticide that he sprays early in production – one month before the flowering begins. The insecticide does its job killing eggs of bugs and worms, then has ample time to dissipate.

The Evans Farm specializes in multiple field peas - pink eyed, zipper, conch, and black-eyed peas, and collards, mustards, turnips, and kale.